Who We Are

Walvis Bay is fortunate to have many charities doing wonderful work for children. But in 1995, the Walvis Bay community members saw a need for something more. They founded Walvis Bay Child and Family Centre as a way to provide support to local children who are differently abled, have disabilities and disorders, who may have otherwise “fallen through the cracks”, and their mothers.

The idea was to help not just the affected children, but entire families who must cope with daily challenges. With its localized focus, Walvis Bay Child and Family Centre is able to simplify many of the strict administrative processes of national charities, and make it as easy as possible for families to get help. The organization taps into the strong charitable spirit of Walvis Bay businesses and individuals, channels feelings into actions, and makes a difference in many lives.

We also aim to become a lighthouse for the rest of Namibia through networking and workshops.

The municipality of Walvis Bay has a twin agreement with Kristiansand Municipality in Norway. The Kristiansand Municipality sends Marianna Godtfredsen, a specialised teacher, to the Walvis Bay Child and Family Centre, 3 weeks yearly on a voluntary basis.

Board of Directors

Chairperson U. Muatunga
Vice Chairperson B. van Rooyen
Managing Director E. Murangi

Dr. E. Blazic, I. Kruger, I. Swartz
I. Tsauseb, L. Serfontein, U. Muatunga
B. van Rooyen, E. Murangi